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747 San Pablo Ave., Berkeley, United States


Gilaki cuisine  Narenj, Northern Iranian Bar bites at Bodega SFFrom walnut herb olives to saffron & orange syrup pastry, Komaaj delivers authentic flavors, gluten-free dishes, and a truly special learning and dining experience. Come feast at our table, break bread with us and taste the flavors of The Gilan Province and experience the Persian hospitality at its best!
We are collaborating with Bodega Wine bar at their beautiful venue for this event.
The amazing Bodega team will pair two glasses of wine or bear with our menu.
Grab your seats in advance:
Menu ($39 per person)
Baghaali Pokhte
Unpeeled cooked Fava Beans serve with Golpar and Vinegar
Zeitun Parvardeh
Green Olives marinated with pomegranate Molasses, walnut and herbs.
Khiaar Dalaar
Persian Cucumbers with Cilantro-Mint Dressing, Crushed Almonds, Barberries and Dried Nettle (foraged from Alborz mountains).
Maast Laboo
Yogurt with cooked Beets, Savory and Tarragon.
Baaghali Ghaatogh
White Lima Beans cooked with Garlic, Dill and eggs.
serve with Turmeric bread.
Anaarbij Stew
Vegetarian Meatball stew flavored with pomegranate Molasses, walnut and herbs.
Katte Zard
Wild cumin Rice balls (thai jasmin rice cooked with wild cumin, turmeric, butter, garlic and olive oil)
Suger-free pastry made with Rice flour and Saffron, served with quince Jam.
Chai Gol
Borage flowers brewed with Dried orange blossom and dried quince.

KSA combines a thoughtful mixture of American bittering hops and traditional German malts to create a complex yet crisp take on the Kölsch style. KSA’s old-school style, blended with bright, updated ingredients, makes this beer a classic on both continents.
It's light and crispy character will go well with sweet and sour light vegetarian dishes such as some Northern Iranian bites.
Our South African Chenin Blanc is a versatile zesty white wine that pairs particularly well with Northern Iranian food. It is because of it's awesome acidity and inherently sweet flavor, you’ll find it pairs with foods that have a sweet and sour element.Please join us at the "Alembique Apothecary" for a festive Persian New Year celebration, featuring music, dance and deliciousness, a spring-time banquet of home-made Persian treats and teas, amity and hope.
We will treat you to Caspian delights, sherbets and teas, as traditional dancers bedazzle your eyes and ears to welcome spring.
Norouz or "New Day" is celebrated in dozens of countries by hundreds of millions, its Zoroastrian origins evoking even more ancient beginnings. Come gather around a gorgeous Haft-sin table, featuring seven ancient symbols of hope, resilience, and rebirth.
20% of proceeds donated to local immigrant and refugee rights organizations.
Grab your seats in advance:
Menu ($21 per person)
Zeitun Parvardeh